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Message from principal

Let me begin with our vision. Amrit Vidyalaya believes in creating leaders – children who will face their future with confidence, excitement and responsibility. We see a world where Amritians have made a mark in various walks of society – science, finance, health, sports, the arts and so on. Moreover, we see a future where Amritians are leading lives grounded in strong values of love, equality, freedom and truth. In one sentence, we believe in creating leaders with a terrific blend of Noble Hearts and Able Minds!


Visions only become real when there is a team of dedicated people who work very hard to make sure that all the actions are aligned to the large dream. The same is true for Amrit. We are very proud of and grateful for the team of teachers and staff who LIVE the Amrit values and put their every ounce of effort to ensure that we create an environment where children flourish.

We see a school as an interface between larger children and the larger society and so we take a community approach towards education. Parents are our partners in making the vision real. Amrit children are also regularly engaged in hands-on projects and explorations where they serve the community around. The future is ours to take on and we will do so with a zeal.

I close with a promise to continue to work on this mission with dedication and a spirit of partnership and service.


Warm Regards

Vipin Baria